Ginger on Feminism and Porn

Excerpt from Rules of the Road

“…OK, OK!…So, are you guys feminists?” he asked

“Hmm! Good question. Yes and no. Not like the ‘Women’s Studies’ bitches you’ve probably dealt with…The fact that I didn’t stick my fork in your eye when you referred to us as ‘guys’ should clue you in to the fact that we’re not uptight…You’ll be doing a lot of reading…about feminism, and about…your situation…what we’re doing with you as property…There is a point to all of this Tom, and it’s not to make you pay for the thousand and one ways you have insulted and demeaned my gender…”

He hadn’t been ready for that and looked it.

“…You’re a decent guy, Tom. And that’s why we’re taking the time to train you…You’re going to learn firsthand what it feels like to be a woman in a man’s world. It’s going to be a bit of a shock…We’re not going to feminize you. But you might as well erase the word ‘no’ from your vocabulary. And if you have a problem being objectified, my well-hung friend, this is going to be difficult…To me, you’re a cock and a pair of holes to control. Period…I am going to impose my will on you, physically. You won’t be able to stop me from doing whatever I feel like to your body, or mind…or your little heart…Jacqueline wasn’t kidding…Get ready for some dark and scary moments…You’re going to know what it feels like to have your sex and privacy…and dignity taken from you by force—something far too many women and too few men understand…Oh, and if you ever think your twenty-four-year-old opinion is necessary? A piece of advice:…Tell us what you’re thinking only when asked…Even then, hesitate. Please.” She enjoyed another bite and then continued.

“But Tom, we’re realistic…I disagree with one school of feminist thinking: Gender is only partially a social construct. You give wild chimpanzees sticks to play with? The little boys and Gingers are going to smash things with them, the little girls will cradle them like babies. Whether they’ve seen that shit or not…You’re a man, we’re women. We’re different. I mean, a gene or two can have a dramatic effect on personality. An entire chromosome? We’re different…But we need and complement each other. And, you aren’t even a man yet. We’re going to make sure you’re a good one. And you will be…Just do what you’re told. These are lessons you can only learn by experience.”

“…I will, ma’am…But, you don’t hate me because I’m a man?”

“Not at all! We love men. That’s why we’re taking one on!…There are things about you that you have no control over that give you a little power over us. A very little! Like…you smelled like kid sweat this afternoon. You still do…Buddy, that’s affecting hormones and neurotransmitters in me as we speak! But a lot of the qualities we love about men are…repugnant if left unchecked. As a rule, accept that you are younger than us, don’t know half as much about life, and that your biology inclines you to be a dipshit…Rise above it, Tom!…We’ll help.”

“I accept that,” he said, laughing.

“And Tom, hold the door open for us! It’s a friendly gesture. And when we do the same, take it as just that. Be respectful and polite and you’ll earn a little slack. We’re all prejudiced on some level, we all have to struggle to overcome that. So, recognize that you are sexist—‘So, no man hatin’, little lady?’”

“Oh, God…I’m sorry! I didn’t…”

“…I know you are!…Sexist, racist…ageist…you name it, we’re all biased against it, to some extent. It’s denying it that gets us in trouble…Tom, I just told you that because you are male, you are inclined toward dipshit-ism!…And we’re making you into a servant, a second-class citizen! Don’t stress…Get over the unfairness of hypocrisy…Be aware, and try to be better.”

“OK…I like…how you explain things. And, I want to be better!”

“Good boy.” He laughed. “Those two words are going to mean the world to you, just wait…OK…This afternoon, Tom…everything we did to you is done to girls every day. They walk into that situation, three, four or more men to just one girl…And they don’t stop when she has a little tantrum like you did…Of course not…’Cause men are out there specifically searching for keywords like ‘disgrace,’ ‘forced,’ ‘humiliation’…even ‘vomit!’ What do you think about that?”

“…You’re talking about porn, right?”

“Yes. Duh.”

“…Consenting adults, I guess…They do get paid…Right? I mean…”

“…You see? You’ve made it OK in your head because you’re a good guy and would never knowingly hurt someone else…You can’t imagine how someone would…But you’re fooling yourself! You put money and sex together, a woman gets hurt. Every. Fucking. Time. Maybe not immediately…But, inevitably…Might makes right…Yeah, they get paid…But they’re ignorant, naive, and often, coerced or at least deceived into making dangerous, stupid choices…And payment is the thing that enslaves them…It means consent…And I’m being careful with my words here, Tom…Several men to one girl—they might be able to prove they’re eighteen, but, you watch the hardcore stuff, chicks in collars getting double- or triple-teamed by…sadists?… It’s the same handful of grown men, year after year, who know better and a constant stream of stupid, ‘barely legal’ girls who don’t. At first…They learn, though! And then they’re used up and gone…When they get out? PTSD, like they’ve been to fucking war!…Herpes for sure…hepatitis…but they won’t know that for years!…HIV if they’re really unlucky…drug and alcohol problems…There’s no hiding what they’ve done, so now, some of them can’t go home…You get it?…That doesn’t happen to men!…How many of these girls you think go on to med school, Tom?…They’re ruined…And, all the while? This little…cabal of male ‘performers’ just keeps on keepin’ on, ever ready to tear up the next batch of fresh meat…It’s insane that we allow this…”

“Oh, my God…I’m sorry…”

“It’s not your fault! You’re a child, Tom. You don’t know shit from Shinola…That’s what you’re supporting when you consume free Internet porn…And who fuckin’ knew: free porn is huge—like, legalized gambling-huge—for a city like Miami…The bigger point I’m making is that you are fuckin’ clueless…You’re biased and almost sure to say something stupid if you don’t stop to think…Again, put it in perspective. Today was easy, motherfucker…You got your ass whipped and you then you threw up from deep throating a dildo while three women laughed at you…That’s the only way some guys can get off!…Don’t be a baby about it. You’ll live. And learn…OK, I’m off my soapbox for now…Oh, and here’s some hypocrisy for you to get started with: I love porn.”

He laughed once more at Ginger’s sermon. “I…have a lot to learn…I listen, though!…I won’t forget anything you just said.”

“Prove it…We’ll talk more…Come on, ask your questions…You’re ours tomorrow morning. Must be something else you want to know…”

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