“You’re everything to me.” Explicit


“No, no, no! Please…Please, Master…No!…God!…Please stop!”

“Suck it up,” Ginger said and then, again, rubbed her palm around the head of his shrinking dick like she was juicing a lemon.

His scream and instant loss of erection surprised her. For the first time in their month-long master/servant relationship, she found something that he couldn’t handle. Not even close. Tom was trying, but he was miserable in a way she had never seen. And, she’d seen him take a lot of abuse. This was no fun.

“I’m sorry, Master! I can take it…please…I’m sorry!…Do it again…Fuck!

“Whoa!” she said at the terror in his eyes. “No more…it’s OK,” Ginger said before giving him a kiss and making him look at her. “…Boy, if you really need to,” she said, laughing, “you can use a safe word!…I like it when you say ‘no, please, Master’…a lot!…So, say ‘red’ when you’re serious. It’s OK…you’ve earned some limits. I don’t ever want you to feel freaked out like that. Not my boy…Right?” Then Ginger looked like she was curious about something. “God, I am so proud of you, Tom…And you get me so fucking hot…”

Tears welled up he was so happy.

Ginger burst out laughing.

“…You’re there!” she said, pointing at him. “Ha! I thought so!”

“I’m sorry, Master?”

“Come here and kiss me…” Ginger undid the slipknot holding his hands to the headboard and pulled Tom closer, mashing her lips into his. Then she rolled him onto his back again. So he would have to look up at her. “You, my little plaything, are slave crazy!…Sure there’s a better name for it, but…almost crying when I praise you?…You’re in a good place…I’m jealous!…I’m everything to you now, aren’t I?”

He nodded. And blushed.

“Say it! Don’t be scared!”

“You’re everything to me, Master…”

“How’s that feel? Hmm?”

“Fuck! It makes me feel like crying!…What’s wrong with me?” Prior to meeting Ginger, no one would have ever called Tom a “cryer.” Now he was an expert.

She laughed again.

“It’s not you…You’re high, Tom!…On me!Submission to me! It’s like a drug!…It’s normal…as this can be…You’ve worked hard for your master, boy…This is your reward!”

He was crimson and confused. “I do feel like I’m on something…”

“You’re letting go…You’re my property and you love it. Admitting it feels good! Tell me again…”

“I’m your property, Master…It does feel good…”

“I know! You want to yell it out the window, don’t you?”

“A little…now. Not always, though.”

“Yeah, well, it’s a drug, and that’s the hangover…It’ll go back and forth like that for as long as you fight it. Sometimes you’ll feel like exploding—in a good way…And then you’re gonna feel dejected and full of doubt…That’s a waste of time…This ambiguous lifetime commitment isn’t real. We’re just playing a fun game. It doesn’t last forever. That’s why it’s OK to let yourself go all the way. To me. You’re safe…I won’t let you get hurt…I mean, big-picture hurt. Still gonna put you in a lot of pain ’cause that’s just fun…and it strengthens our bond…Doesn’t it?” She shook her head at the happiness in his eyes. “…Enjoy this feeling ’cause you will miss it…You only get your cherry popped once,” Ginger said. “…I’m glad I get to be the cause of your condition!” She bent down to his face. “It’ll get even better, too!…Just relax…Let go completely…” she whispered as she kissed him again. “Trust your master…I won’t let you get hurt.”

Where do I sign?

Tom forced himself back to “reality” and took a risk.


“Yes, pet?”

“…Are you going to get tired of me?” he asked.

“…That’s a really scary thought for you, huh?…Or, like, if I got another slave and started paying more attention to him?…”

The color ran from Tom’s face.

“Oh, honey! That was mean, I’m sorry!” Ginger said, laughing. “I’m just teasing you!…Boy, you’re whipped! Good for you, Tom!…Good for me!…I see how hard you work for me…I’m not just going to kick you to the curb. You’re way too much fun!” Tom felt like exploding, in a good way. She could tell and continued laughing at him, but then got serious. “I made the right choice for us, Tom…You don’t need to be terrified of me, just the opposite…And I’m not going to get bored of you…I just said that because I wanted to put a fire under your ass…” She could see the fear creep back into his expression. “Which was totally unnecessary…That’s still hard for you to talk about, I bet.”

Tom nodded and looked like he might cry again. He would have preferred never to even think about his afternoon with “the Goddess” and Stella. He couldn’t think about it. It was rape, even if he didn’t say “no”—it wouldn’t have stopped them; even if he was hard the whole time. Tom was simultaneously furious, terrified, and ashamed because a little (broken) part of him had liked it. How could he be so in love with someone who would do that to him, though?

Because she was Ginger and had just said that his place was secure (for a little while, anyway.)

She continued. “I went way too far, Tom, and I’m sorry. I’m embarrassed…but…I’m also kinda glad that we have that in our history…”

“I didn’t quit, Master.”

“No, you did not, ’cause you are crazy tough…maybe a little just plain crazy, too! And I know why you didn’t quit…Anyway, it won’t happen again…Well, I mean, most of it will happen again but you’ll have some say in the matter! You might even enjoy it…” He tried to laugh it off. “Well, seeing as we’re at a new stage in our relationship, I think you need to make love to me now, boy…”

“I think I need that, too, Master. Thank you…” he said as she stood to undress. She climbed back onto the bed, and under him.

And,” she said, “it’s a pain in the ass for you to keep asking permission to touch me. I trust your judgment…Oh!” she said as he slipped inside her, testing his new powers. “…I’ll still slap you around if you get it wrong, though…Oh, that’s good…” For a few minutes, Ginger felt and sounded like a girlfriend.

“Cum for your master, slave!…Now,” she ordered. “Don’t make me fucking wait!” They both laughed at him. Her tone had him there in seconds. All that edging training paid off.

“That’s my obedient toy! On demand…I love it!…And I felt it!” Ginger said. “…Holy shit, Tom…I have to imagine you’re not going to have any problem getting someone pregnant…You just blasted a lot of cum into me!…Might have to take two pills tomorrow…” They kissed. His eyes were heavy as she pulled his hair to make him look at her.

“Yes, Master?”

“Like you don’t know what’s coming…Get the fuck down on that pussy!” she said, smiling at the, “oh, shit, that’s the last thing I want to do” expression and subsequent fabrication of a smile.

“Mmm hmm!”

“…So full of shit!…I know you’ll do what you’re told and that you love Kitty…but—so many hangups! Your own cum still grosses you out, huh?” She smiled at the calculation he must be making. A “yes” meant more force feedings. A “no” would be interpreted as bullshit and might earn him worse than that. Sucks to be a sub.

“It doesn’t until…”

“…Until you cum?”

“Exactly…Weird…But that’s…kinda the point, isn’t it?” he said as he started working his way down. “I like that I have to, Master, and that turns me on again…And I also know I’m going to get the hottest kiss from you in a few minutes!”

She laughed yet again. Ginger was looking forward to that as well.

“Ahh…You’re the real thing, now, slave. Good boy…Don’t be neat about it…” She closed her eyes and smiled as he touched his tongue to her sex.

After a minute, she pulled him back up to her mouth and rewarded him.

“…I have to kiss you…so I can taste you and me together…It’s so good, Tom!…Both of our cum in me?…God…you in me?…It’s just…right…” Ginger was breathless, gasping. Mocking. But so beautiful. “…My hot little boy is such a pleaser…Uh oh! I’ve got to be carefullll!…Don’t want him to actually explode!” she said. He looked like a spontaneous combustion death was imminent. Ginger changed the mood again. “…But listen…Tomorrow, that hangover is going to hit at about the same time I do, big guy…You’re going to be down and I’m going to work you over! Hard…Frontsies…” He cringed. “…I’m not going to be nice about it. Because I know what you need…And want…Don’t I?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Just be my tough boy and I’m happy…This is good, Tom. But I want more. I want everything…”

“…Call the bomb squad…”

“Ha! That’s the spirit!” she said. “Back to the grind in the morning, but now…would the little slave like to bask in his master’s godlike radiance?”

“Yes, please.”

“What would make you happy, baby?”

Tom thought about it.

“…You could call me ‘baby’ about a thousand more times!”

“Ohh…you like that? You know what? It slipped out because it just felt right…”

“Oh, my God!”

She grinned. “Hmm, what else can I do for you, baby?

“…Could you nap?” he asked.

“I could!…Wednesday siesta? Sure!…You want to snuggle with me…untied? You still get the wet spot…What should we put up your…” She gasped. “…Ooh! Want me to put you to sleep?” Watching over a sleeping loved one was one of Ginger’s favorite things in life. It just felt right.

“Like, knock me out?…Whatever Master wants…”

“No, dumbass. I’m being gentle with my good boy. It’ll be nice.”

“OK!” he said. “Yes, please!” He was thankful for her change of thought about insertions and excited by the idea of putting himself fully at her mercy. The boy was wired for Ginger’s pleasure.

“I’m proud of you, Tom. And I’ll still be proud tomorrow when I’m kicking your ass. You know that, right?”

He nodded and settled into position next to her.

“Good,” she whispered. “But for now…close your eyes…Relax. You’re safe. We’re great…Master’s right here…She’s very pleased…and she probably won’t hurt you…soon…Or get another slave…soon…Trust your master!…”


Ginger scratched his chest until he fell asleep, dreaming of the last thing he saw before closing his eyes: her smile. She was gone when he woke to the old familiar text message notification from his now-unconfiscated, personal cell phone: “Everything.”


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